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Our Founder

Felicia Alston-Porter

Performance Project Coordinator-My Crafty Table Sewing and Crafts

Learning Behavior Specialist-Chicago Public Schools


Felicia Alston is a 19-year veteran in the teaching field educating students with disabilities. She worked in Country Club Hills, Illinois as the resource and case manager for intermediate grades 3-5. She continues to work for Chicago Public Schools and currently serves as the Learning Behavior Specialist (k-4) at Turner Drew Language Academy.  She is responsible for implementing inclusive educational plans as well as more concentrated educational support services for students with identified emotional and/or learning disabilities. Nurturing relationships with parents, students, teachers, and resources outside the building are part of her integrative learning approach.


In November 2017 Felicia was the recipient of the $10,000 1st place award in the Englewood Business Pitch Contest for her My Crafty Table Sewing and Crafts vocational and entrepreneur business training concept.  Felicia’s passion for sewing and hands on projects led her to form performance based learning activities in literacy, math, science, and technology for her students with disabilities. She found that students became more engaged in learning, retained more information, could articulate their learning, and exhibited an improved positive attitude about themselves and towards their peers.  Her emerging business activity aims to equip individuals with industry training and education as well as empowerment to establish their own businesses.


My Crafty Table Sewing and Crafts evolved from these noticeable benefits in the classroom. Felicia wanted to provide the same positive learning experiences for all students and crafters that are interested.  Felicia believes sewing and crafting activities provide emotional wellness benefits and performance-based learning that reinforce school skills by providing real world application opportunities. My Crafty Table also serves teens, young adults, and adults by providing vocational skills and entrepreneurial education as well.

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